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Low cost plane travel opportunities at your fingertips!  


The internet's largest budget air travel portal offers its services to you! At Find Cheap Plane Tickets, you'll discover cheap plane travel solutions that'll astonish you and that's guaranteed! We have an experience of over 6 years in low cost air travel and we share our knowledge with you, it's all free & easy as a snap!

When it comes to finding cheap plane tickets, it's always best to turn to the experts. Our main goal is to help our visitors find the lowest airfares possible. You'll also find flight planning advices, essential air travel information and a general travel directory packed with well selected sites!




Cheap plane tickets online & offline


The low cost airlines (also called "no frills airlines" or "low fare airlines") have revolutionized air travel by opening the doors to new types of airline services, ones that require less expenses from the companies, therefore contribute to operational cost reduction and permit the sale of extremely cheap plane tickets.

Low cost airlines offer easy & cheap online booking services. You'll be able to find fares as low as a pizza's price! However, this happens at the expense of in-flight comfort... Giving up meals, paper tickets can be an alternative to budget air travel, especially for students.   

Frequent flyer programs, opportunities for finding cheap business class plane tickets!


What if you're a businessman? Since everyone's putting more accent on the low cost airlines and low comfort standards in exchange for cheap tickets, you might ask yourself the question if there is any possibility to reduce the costs of business flights (which would mean cheaper business class tickets). And, yes, this is possible, in many ways! One of the ways to minimize your business class flight's cost is to take part in frequent flyer programs. If you're a frequent flyer, then you'll get bonus points/frequent flyer miles, which can later be transformed into discounts or even free flights (bonus flights)!

Multiple stop plane tickets - open jaw tickets


Open jaw tickets are a particular type of round trip plane tickets that let you pass through multiple destinations, without having to return to all of them.

That's great news to those of you who have to travel to multiple destinations and would like to return to the first (departure) location without passing through all airports again.

These multiple stop plane tickets are know as "open jaw tickets" amongst airlines, travel agencies and travelers and are as economic as the round trip plane tickets - ideal fro long air trips.

Coping with jet lag


Jet lag is a problem that affects all of us who take long haul flights.

Whenever we fly on long distances, we shift from one time zone to another. Our body cannot cope with it, so we enter an unpleasant confused state: long term fatigue, daytime sleepiness, night time hunger, reduced concentration, headache, even nausea.

How can you cope with jet lag? There are products that promise to eliminate it, but is that possible? Can jet leg be eliminated or just reduced? Find out under this article!

Cheap student airfares


Students seek highly economic air travel solutions in order to reach their destinations. Student travelers represent a huge segment in the overall air travel market, that's why, there are specialized companies that offer student airfares/plane tickets for students.

If you're a student and want to travel economically, then take advantage of your status! Generally, you'll need a special i.d., membership of certain organizations in order to profit from the student travel opportunities. For more info on this, check our "cheap student airfares" section. 

Senior airfares - Cheap tickets for the elderly


The elderly travel more often than most of us would think. In fact, senior travelers represent a huge market segment, a very important one to travel service providers.

Senior travel opportunities include senior airfares (cheap airplane tickets for elderly people/old people). Even though, few travel agencies focus on this important category of travelers, senior travel is gaining popularity, especially in the US, Western Europe. Usually persons who are at least 60 years-young can participate. check our article dedicated to finding senior airfares.

Last minute flights cost less!


It's a general rule: last minute flights are cheaper. so, if you've forgotten to book in time for your plane ticket, don't worry! Many airlines are desperate to sell the unsold seats on their aircraft prior to take off. Basically, you can pay less for your seat than the passenger in front of you! sounds a bit crazy, doesn't it? Well, this is how airlines minimize losses, because almost no airplane can be filled and take off with no unsold seats. Last minute flights might be a bit risky, but if you're lucky and you'll catch a flight, it can be up to 75 % cheaper than if you would have booked months before!

Cheap plane tickets for charter flights


Charter flights are occasional flights, usually operated by travel agents, rarely by airlines. The operator either owns, but most often rents airplanes and flies flies them to popular destinations at certain times of the year, therefore these air trips cost less than scheduled flights.

Charter flights generally fly travelers to highly frequented vacation destinations, for instance in summer.

When planning a vacation, especially during summer, late spring, do take the air charter services into account! They're highly popular, cheap and Student airfares are often offered for such flights.

Economy class plane tickets


Most airlines sell economy class plane tickets. They're low cost tickets, so you will spend less than on tickets for superior classes, however the comfort level is also lower.

Economy class flights are currently the most popular, however low cost airline flights and business class flights are also gaining popularity.

While economy class plane tickets cost less, the possibility of finding free seats on an airplane is  higher than in the case of superior classes. Check our chapter about economy class tickets.

Our new review centre has been launched!


In your search for cheap tickets, you'll need to know as much information as possible about where you can get affordable airfares and good services.

Our "Reviews" section includes deep analysis of airlines' sites and other plane ticket selling sites. We review the websites of major airlines, low cost airlines and major online booking travel sites. All these places are great plane ticket resources. With our reviews, you'll be able to make the correct decision in selecting the seller you like, based on your budget, style/taste, destination and other factors.      

Plane ticket consolidators (bucket shops)


Everything bought in large quantities and later re-sold is cheaper. That's the same with airplane tickets!

If you don't already know, you'll find it a bit strange, perhaps hard to believe: airlines sell plane tickets in bulk to certain travel agencies, which are known as "consolidators" or "bucket shops". these agencies sell the tickets for more to their clients. Usually there's a good balance between prices, so both the airlines and the bucket shops end up cashing in large sums of money without competing with each other.

If you're searching for cheap tickets, check the consolidators!

Group flying helps you find cheap tickets


Group flying is cheaper, so take as many people with you as you can! Travel agencies and airlines offer discounts for groups on plane ticket prices, that can spare you a substantial amount of your money!

Discounts on flight tickets usually range between 5-20 %, and 10 people are generally enough to be considered a "group" by the travel agents/airlines that offer such services. Again, bulk purchase of airplane tickets gives you an advantage. Take your friends with you and you could spend less! Mostly elderly people, students, young people, organizations and people who go on pilgrimages use these chances.

Efficient flight planning


Reducing your plane travel costs is one thing, but there are more issues than just cheap airfares. Flight planning is essential, if you want to reach your destination without any difficulties, discomfort of any kind.

Our "Flight planning" section offers you full information for your flight. We offer free advices that'll help you plan your flight. You'll find answers to your questions about operations, documents, activities that are necessary for flying. You'll find important information about airlines, airports (such as airline codes, airport codes), an air travel terms dictionary, a flight codes & symbols guide.

Air travel deals: cheap tickets on the internet


We simplify your search for cheap plane tickets: find out what airfare deals there are on the major online booking sites on the internet! This includes the air travel deals of airlines and major online booking travel sites as well.

We take a look at possibilities for finding cheap plane tickets by taking advantage of the special deals of the respective sites. Discount airfares, last minute flights and others are amongst the featured deals. This way, you'll get a general image of what deals there are and which is best for you.  

Air courier flying


In your search for cheap airfares, you can turn to less conventional ways to minimize airplane travel costs. For instance: air courier flying. Air couriers are persons who deliver packages, documents sent by air from one organization or person to another one.

Air couriers are needed, because numerous documents, valuable goods are too important to be sent by mail. To avoid the potential loss or damage to the items, many companies turn to air couriers. Air courier flying can even get you free plane tickets! 

Find the cheapest tickets possible! Cut your cost at the expense of your comfort!


Highly economic air travel methods offer you alternatives for finding cheap airplane tickets. When you are very low on cash and can hardly buy a plane ticket, then you need to do more. For instance: sacrifice certain elements of your comfort and certain services in order to spare some money.

Student travelers are first of all interested in reaching their destination and enjoying their vacation, rather than high quality in-flight services, for instance.

This section gives you ideas on how to drastically reduce your airplane travel expenses.

Find great travel sites in our travel directory!


Our travel directory contains a well selected travel site listings, under relevant categories.

All travel sites have been carefully selected, reviewed and included into our directory, which has been specially created for our users, who are tired of searching for hours on the internet for quality travel service providing sites. You won't search for hours again, simply check our travel directory and there you'll find anything from cheap airfares to adventure travel, from outdoor travel gear to spa travel. So, you'll find just about everything, because our site is about much more than just air travel!





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