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flight planning: advices for first time flyers


Advices for those who fly for the first time


Never flown before on an airplane? No problem!

It's a pleasant experience that millions of people have every day. You are just one of many millions of travelers who fly every day, one of many who has never flown before.

It's simple, just about sitting and relaxing, nothing more than that.


Here are several issues that first time flyers want to know good answers for, and we answer to them:


I got my plane ticket and all necessary documents now what?

Check out flight planning section to find great tips, advices.

The next thing is the "getting to the airport" and boarding process.

Always get 1-2 hours before your take off to the airport. This is not like a bus trip. Boarding the airplane will take at least 30 minutes, sometimes more than 1 hour, as you go through all the checking, waiting, boarding processes. It's good to know until when the airport receives the passengers. Most airports have limits. It's not just the fact that the boarding and checking takes a lot of time, but also that airports have time limits, for example, you have to be at the airport at least 1 hour before your flight, otherwise they will not let you in! Yes, it is common. These limits vary from airport to airport, usually it is 1-1,5 hours, rarely over 2 hours, sometimes as low as 10-20 minutes. Usually the larger the airport is, the earlier you'll have to be there.

 Delays happen, it's a common thing, you have to be prepared for that.

 You'll go through several processes before boarding. Have all necessary items by you, take 1 small luggage with you on the plane, all other unnecessary items must be packed in your large luggage, which will go to the belly of the airplane. You'll pass through the security gate, you'll be checked for documents, including plane tickets (documents and plane tickets are verified several times at different places). You will get a boarding pass, a kind of a ticket, that you must not loose, otherwise you cannot board the plane!

 The boarding pass will be the one verified when you board the airplane.

 Your large luggage will be put into the belly of the plane. Never give your small luggage that you'll take with you on the flight go with the rest of the bags that'll end up in the cargo area, because if you have important documents, medicine, they won't be obtainable until you arrive, if you are allowed to leave without them.

 Put clips on all your luggage. These must contain your name, address, otherwise, if you loose your luggage (which happens quite often in less advanced airports and as rare as 0,01 % of the cases in larger, more developed airports, like those in Hong Kong, London, Frankfurt, Budapest, Tokyo, New York, Singapore, Paris, etc.), then the bags will be identified based on the id clips that show your name, address. Otherwise, they're lose forever.

 After landing, you will be verified again.

 Luggage from the airport's "stomach" will be returned at the specially created "gates", places where travelers wait for each luggage to be delivered: they usually arrive one after another, on rolling platforms, like sardines in a factory.

 If you don't see your luggage after all bags and packages have been taken out of the plane (sometimes luggage arrive late, maybe 1 hour later), after waiting enough to ensure that it really won't arrive, then complain to the airport employees (don't bother people who are not airport personnel - like airline personnel, who have nothing to do with the luggage issues).


 What can I know about turbulences?

 They happen almost all the time and that's normal! Ships are being moved by waves constantly and few complain about it. On airplanes, it happens often, but not non stop, as it does with ships. Basically, an airplane is a kind of a ship that "swims" in the air and swings less.

 Up in the sky, it's just the wind and the airplane, nothing else. Turbulences are not what we see in movies, these are winds that slightly move the airplane several meters.

 You might have a little, might have a lot of turbulence and that's normal.

 Some turbulences take several seconds, few can last up to a minute, very rarely more. As the airplane flies between clouds, climbing or reducing altitude, the different "layers" of air (depending on the density, temperature, speed of winds, etc.) create different effects on the airplane passing through them.

 Just look at most other passengers. Those who have flown before are like sailors who have sailed on yachts and are very used to the waves. Everyone is either reading, sleeping or eating... It's perfectly normal and that's what you have to do too!


 In flight comfort, how is it?

 You'll know how it's like being a sardine in a tin can!

 Many people cramped into tight spaces. Don't expect good comfort.

 Meals are as they're rumored: "airline food...", yep... But some of them taste good. Maybe you're lucky!   


 Fear of flying - how to cope with it?

 Fear of flights?

 Flying is a pleasant experience or simply a normal one that birds, pilots, millions of travelers do every day. There's nothing special about it. If there is something special, than it's the beautiful sights that can be viewed from the window...

 You are just one of many millions of travelers who fly every day. Passengers around you site relaxed, that's what you have to do! Because, in fact, you are one of them too... If any other passenger would look at you and the others around him would see the same thing that you see when looking around: travelers eating, reading, chatting, admiring the views from the window.

 It's the safest way to travel. It is! Cars, ships, bicycles are all worse! they are require attention in manipulation and coordination in traffic.

 Airplanes fly like birds, "swim" in the air, in the open sky, that's why it's a great experience!    



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