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    Fly as an air courier & you'll pay less!


    Another, less popular, less known opportunity to fly cheap! More than 80% of travelers haven't even heard of it!

    Companies that need to send important packages or documents to other cities/countries/continents often use people to do the job. When a package is too important to be sent by post or if it's fragile or of a high value, it's better to use a reliable air courier. It's fast and in most cases much cheaper for the company. It's certainly much cheaper than sending it by a fast post service and paying a lot on the transport and also for the insurance...

    If you're working at a company and if you usually travel alone with less luggage, you might take this opportunity to get yourself a cheap plane ticket!

   Air courier flying usually consists of transporting important business documents from one city to another. 

    Normally you don't have to carry the documents or packages yourself, usually they don't even get in your hands, you're just there to intermediate between 2 parts. These can be companies, institutions, etc.

    Air courier flying is most common in the USA, the EU and Japan. Though, in Japan train couriering is also wide-spread.

    If you have the chance, then take it! Air courier flying can cut your plane ticket expenses by several dozen percents... And if you're smart, you'll also take advantage of the frequent flyer programs! The more often you fly, the more points/miles you accumulate and when you reach a certain amount, you can use the advantages given for your own benefit!


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