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air travel deals: air new zealand



    Travel deals & sales: Air New Zealand


    Air New Zealand operates primarily on the lower part of the Pacific region, it is not an important transit carrier (like Lufthansa, Air France, British Airways, KLM and others). But, because it primarily serves New Zealand, does not mean that it is limited to the lower edge of the planet.

    Air New Zealand connects numerous islands in the Pacific, flies to faraway destinations. Except Australia and the nearby islands, it the also connects New Zealand to Europe and the Americas.

    There are periodic discounts that are displayed on the site's booking section page. You can acess that page depending on your destination, you select the region on the main page and based on that, the special airfares will be displayed... These are available only for your region.

    For your curiosity, we have displayed a few sample fares:


    Air New Zealand sample fares:


   Price range: 1.000-1.000 for flight between New Zealand and European destinations, such as: Frankfurt, Amsterdam, London.

    The flights are usually operated via Singapore, Hong Kong or Japan.


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