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air travel deals: qantas



    Travel deals & sales: Qantas


    Qantas is Australia's biggest air carrier, after the bankruptcy of Ansett Australia, it has become the only major international carrier based in Australia.

    Under the "Specials" section, you'll find deals & sales segmented into the following subcategories:   

    "Domestic flights", "International flights", "Round the World", "Holidays"    

    The interface is interactive, letting you choose destinations and then the special fares will be displayed.

  The "Domestic flights" section shows you the cheapest fares for Australian destinations, the "International flights", as its name says, shows international fares, there's even a "Holidays" section, where you can search prices for holiday packages. But most of all, what we'd like to emphasize is the "Round the World" section, there you can find plane tickets for round the World flights, rare offer amongst airlines indeed.

    As Qantas is part of the One World Alliance, it can offer tickets to more destinations around the World than where the Qantas jets fly.





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