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air travel deals: southwest airlines



    Travel deals & sales: Southwest Airlines


    It is the model airline in the low cost air travel industry. Most low fare airlines that have high popularty today (like EasyJet, for instance) have taken the example shown by Southwest.

    Southwest is a USA-based low cost airline, headquartered in Dallas, Texas. It operates hundreds of flights to important destinations in the US, mostly in the southwest of the country, as the name of the airline says.

    Southwest can offer cheap alternatives for those searching for airline tickets for flights between major cities in the US.


    Southwest Airlines sample fares:


    One way: Dallas (Texas) - Austin (Texas) - price: 49 $ (published: Oct.1, 2006)

    One way: Chicago (Illinois) - Tulsa (Oklahoma) - price: 109 $ (published: Oct.1, 2006)

    One way: Las Vegas (Nevada) - Los Angeles (California)  - price: 39 $ (published: Oct.1, 2006)

    One way: Los Angeles (California) - Phoenix (Arizona) - price: 39 $ (published: Oct.1, 2006)     

    One way: San Jos (California) - Los Angeles (California) - price: 49 $ (published: Oct.1, 2006)

    One way: Denver (Colorado) - Las Vegas (Nevada) - price: 39 $ (published: Oct.1, 2006)

    One way: Louisville (Kentucky) - Kansas City (Missouri) - price: 59 $ (published: Oct.1, 2006)

    One way: Philadelphia (Pennsylvania) - Indianapolis (Indiana) - price: 89 $ (published: Oct.1, 2006)

    One way: Washington DC - Chicago (Illinois) - price: 39 $ (published: Oct.1, 2006)


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