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cheap plane tickets: airfare discounts


Discounted airline tickets


Airlines and travel agencies offer periodic discounts on airplane tickets.

Why do they do that? For 2 main reasons: this way they can attract more customers and/or they get rid of the unsold seats just before take off. The latter deals are known as the last minute flight deals.

We recommend you to hunt for price-cut airplane tickets towards the end of holiday seasons or just before take off, however this is rather risky. You might or you might not find advantageous offers.

Airlines' offices are the best places to search for last minute deals, they always try to get rid of the remaining seats in order to gain as much as possible. Hunting for airfare discounts just before take off is risky, but can spare you a lot of cash. If you're not in a hurry, you can try this for several days:  check the deals in the evening for next day morning flight or check the deals in the morning for next day evening flights. Or check deals on flights just after a major holiday, for instance, just 1 day after Easter or Christmas.   

You can get airfare discounts also by taking part in frequent flyer programs... But that's for those who have the possibility to fly often.

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