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    Finding cheap business class tickets


    Some airlines call business class "first class", this is incorrect. Make sure you don't confuse the two. First class is a luxury class only offered by the very large airlines on long flights, usually and on large airplanes (such as the A380, the Boeing 747).

    Officially, there are 3 airline classes: economy, business and first. You might find different names for the latter 2, but you should not confuse the service!

    Business class is more expensive than economy, however, with some tricks, you can manage to reduce the fares and enjoy a more comfortable flight.

    Basically, you should check last minute deals, search directly at the airlines, not at travel agencies.

    You could find discounted business class airline tickets, about 2-3 days before the flight. If many seats remain unsold, the airlines strive to sell them all, offering discounts.

    Except this, you should do a search on airline sites for different dates, try to find the cheapest business class ticket. Then, compare them to the cheapest economy class tickets for that same route.

    Often, you will find low fares on business class, close to economy fares. For instance, to give you an example, in spring 2005, Alitalia offered round trip business class tickets from Rome to Caracas at prices around 1.500-1.600 Euros. The same route, on other airlines, from other European destinations, but on economy cost around 1.000-1.300 Euros, round trip. So, the difference was not too big. It is also possible to find cheaper business class tickets. Cheaper than economy! This rarely happens, not in the case of the same airline.

    Our idea is to make you see that the price differences are not so significant. For 200-300 Euros more, you can fly on business class, if you find such deals. Flying in good comfort on long routes is worth it!

    You will be more likely to find cheaper tickets for business class on long routes. On short routes, such as Detroit - New York or London - Frankfurt, it is almost impossible.


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