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cheap plane tickets: buying plane tickets offline


    Offline booking


    Many of us still buy their plane tickets in offices, mainly due to the lack of online travel agencies in our countries (most such sites only offer services to US citizens, others to UK residents too...). Also, because of the lack of experience and the lack of trust in online booking systems. Many of us have never tried to book online for a plane ticket.

    Therefore, we turn either to airlines' offices, either to travel agencies' offices.

    If you're looking for a good place to book plane tickets the conventional way, then you will have to determine how/where you want to travel.

    For simple, short routes, we recommend you to check airlines' offices and travel agencies for airfares. Compare the offers and select the best one for you.

    For long distance flight or flights with multiple stops, it's better to leave the airlines alone and turn to the travel agencies, those can offer you a large variety of additional services, they can get you connected with more airlines, offering you much more alternatives than the airline offices.            


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