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cheap plane tickets: buying plane tickets online


    Online booking


    Since the internet has appeared, online sales of travel services have skyrocketed. Airline tickets, hotel reservations, car rentals, vacation packages, travel insurance are the most popular ones being sold online. The airline companies were the first to discover the immense potential of online sales. Travel agencies followed up...

    Today, there's a large number of online booking sites offering just about everything we need to travel.

    Some of the best places to start looking for cheap airplane tickets are the major online booking sites. These are either online travel agencies selling their own travel packages or consolidator sites that sell plane tickets in bulk at low prices or they're intermediaries between that connect their visitors and hundreds of airlines and travel service providers. Of course, all of the above can be combined in order to provide better services to clients.

    Unfortunately most of these sites only offer services to US clients.

    There are relatively few major sites that offer services to World-wide users.

    If you live anywhere outside the US, you should check out the services of those sites that sell services to clients outside the US. These travel sites are getting more and more popular amongst non-US residents and if you're seeking cheap air travel possibilities, you could take advantage of their modern services.

    The main advantage of online booking is the low level of prices. Compared to travel agencies operating in offices, travel sites have cheaper operational costs due to simple and cost effective electronic operations that require less personnel, less paper-based operations, less material investments.

    Most important travel sites that offer online booking also give their clients the possibility to manually search for the cheapest fares.

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  Recommended online booking sites

  Online booking tips                         


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