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cheap plane tickets: cheap plane tickets resources checklist


    Checklist of resources for finding cheap plane tickets


    Here are the options, resources that can help you get cheap airfares:


  Plane ticket consolidators/bucket shops

        (they buy plane tickets in bulk and resell them cheaper than the airlines themselves)

  Low cost airlines (also known as low fare airlines or no frills airlines)

        (sell cheaper tickets but for shorter ranges, the comfort level is low)

  The "conventional" airlines, flag carriers

        (sell tickets at "usual" prices, but offer discounts from time to time, comfort level is higher)

  Charter flights

        (periodic flights that cost less, usually to popular holiday destinations but comfort is low)

  Last minute flights

        (find them at airlines, consolidators and other travel agencies)

  Frequent flyer programs

       (if you fly frequently and if your airline has such a program, you can be rewarded by them with discounts or bonus flights)

  Late night flights

        (often cost less then daytime flights, but not necessarily)

  E-tickets (electronic tickets)

       (cost less than ordinary paper tickets and they're getting more and more popular as technology evolves, most airlines would like to completely eliminate paper tickets, because they have high costs)

  Cheaper tickets for groups

       (if you fly in larger groups, you pay less, such discounts are offered more often by travel agencies, such as plane ticket consolidators, less popular with the airline companies)

  Flying as an air courier

       (if you're working at a company that send couriers by air, you can become one and your flight will most likely be free!)



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