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cheap plane tickets


Find the cheapest tickets possible!




In your search for cheap airfares, instead  of wondering all by yourself on the infinite internet, turn to us!

Our rich plane travel resources are free for everyone!

Find cheap tickets for your flights, without wasting too much time and effort!

It can be as easy as a snap!

Be smarter than most travelers, who spend a large amount of money on their flights, without knowing the opportunities that lie ahead! This is not your case, of course, we know that. That is why you are here!

We offer solutions to travelers with low budgets. Our resources contain articles that'll share important information with you for free.

Our categorized, comprehensive interface will help you find the issues concerning you.

Take our advices and you will always pay less for your plane tickets!    




Sections dedicated to cheap air travel modalities, plane tickets: 


Plane tickets by seller

(cost varies depending on where you buy your ticket: airline, travel agency, etc.)

Plane tickets by carrier

(which airline will you choose to fly with and how will your decision affect your expenses?)

Plane tickets by traveler

(there are special fares for senior travelers, students, seniors, etc.)

Plane tickets by flight type

(certain types of flights, such as charter flights, for instance, cost less, but there's more here!)

Plane tickets by route

(find out how to manage your route and pay as little as possible!)

Plane tickets by class

(inferior class tickets cost less, usually, but you can find cheap business class tickets too!)

Airfare discounts

(find out about discounts on airfares, periodic price reductions, last minute flights, etc.)

Plane ticket types

(section about the various types of plane tickets: open jaw tickets, e-tickets, etc.)     


Resources for airline tickets:


Buying plane tickets offline

(offline airplane ticket resources)

Buying plane tickets online

(online airplane ticket resources)

Cheap plane tickets resources checklist

(this page contains a checklist of the resources/opportunities that you have to find cheap tickets...)


Advices on finding cheap tickets:


Tips on finding cheap plane tickets

(tips, advices on how to find cheap tickets...)

Finding the cheapest tickets

(about what you can do to get the cheapest tickets possible...)

Online booking tips

(great practical tips on online booking...)  


Travel smarter, pay less for your flights!


Our studies show that over 85 % of travelers who seek cheap airfares, don't actually buy the tickets with the lowest prices, but rather those that they come to contact with due to intense marketing campaigns of the specialized firms.

Prices can always be lower than those shown in ads.

The offers, promotions for airline tickets are in over 75 % of the cases, purely orientative. This means, that the price can be "as low as" that specific price, however in most cases, it will be significantly higher.

You will be surprised to find out how many ways there are to reduce air travel expenses!   

Our site packs the best budget air travel resources that you can fin on the internet!   

You can pay up to 75 % less on your flights, if you're smart!


Ways to minimize air travel costs...


Certainly the fare comparison engines should be on top of your list. They will get you cheap tickets in no time! Then, as a "plan B" you can proceed to other resources as well.

There are many ways to find cheap tickets. And we present them to you!

Our articles, accessible from the above section contain information about the following, very popular themes: low cost airlines (also known as "low fare", "no frills" or "budget" carriers, this new type of airlines offer cheap alternatives to low budget air travelers), last minute flights (some people hunt for the last minute deals, because the last minute plane tickets are cheaper), charter flights (charters usually cost less than scheduled flights), special category airfares (such as student airfares, senior airfares, military airfares...), consolidators (also called "bucket shops", are offices or sites that sell cheap tickets, because they buy them in bulk from airlines, making economies, later re-selling them at lower prices than the many of the airlines themselves) and there are many other issues that we deal with under this section dedicated to help you find cheap plane tickets fast and easy!


Gain experience in hunting for cheap airfares!


Our site is a great place to learn how to hunt for affordable airline tickets!

We pack all the resources you need: you'll find great articles, free information on budget air travel that would not find anywhere else!

All these contribute to your experience in air travel deal search. You'll be prepared next time. You'll now which opportunities to take advantage of when it comes to satisfying your needs.

Numerous travelers who have turned to Find Cheap Plane Tickets have learned things that have helped them find cheaper air travel possibilities, they have gained experience and this will help them in the future as well.

We offer articles that help travelers find affordable ways to fly. And our advices are free, no registration, no login is required, it's all at your disposal!      


How cheap can plane tickets be?


With the low cost airlines, you can spend as little as a fast food meal's price on short international flights!

And, there are cases, when the major carriers offer low cost deals: cheap tickets are offered periodically for promotional reasons, first of all (and also, because these airlines have tough times trying to keep up with the competition from the low cost airlines).   

You can also fly for free! Yes, free airline tickets are also possible to obtain, but these are rare opportunities, mostly available to students, youngsters. For instance, frequent flyer programs or air courier agencies can help you in this. "Free tickets for flights" sounds nice, but it usually comes with something else: either you have to work for a company in order to obtain the free airplane tickets, either you can earn them by accumulating frequent flyer miles, points.

Free flights earned through air courier activities usually don't get you to the destinations where you would like to go on vacation, but rather to the places where you have to deliver packages, documents.

As for frequent flyer bonus flights. These are good and come without any obligation. But: you have to be a frequent flyer, otherwise you don't get anything! These programs have strict rules, variating from one airline to another. Usually the bonus flight destination is already selected by the company, as an award for the loyal client. These are more likely to be famous vacation destinations, like "Tahiti" or "Paris".

There are several companies, sites that try to attract customers with "free airline tickets" or "free flights". This is rather a bad joke or fraudulent advertising. It can be compared to a job ad saying "money for nothing" - and, we all know that it's not possible.

We offer you articles about the possibilities that you have at your disposal in order to obtain cheap tickets. You can simply, browse through our sections above...

As you probably observe, finding the best alternatives is a matter of knowing about the possibilities. Those who have no idea about these tend to spend too much on their tickets. Being well documented help you tremendously. Imagine: you can pay less than the person sitting right in front of you on the airplane!


Budget air travel tendencies today


During the last 10 years, we've seen a popularity increase in the budget air travel segment. As the low cost airlines get more and more popular, an increasing number of travelers choose them over the "old-fashioned" carriers. The low cost airlines offer tremendously low fares, thanks to their cost-effective ways of functioning.

There is a general tendency of fare reduction. This happens everywhere, both in the "conventional" and in the "low cost" segment.

The more people will fly, the lower the fares will be. Because of 2 factors: scale economies and competition. Anything sold in large numbers is cheaper and whenever competition stiffens, prices drop.

Low cost airlines are known to be less comfortable, while the major "conventional" airlines put more accent on comfort. Because these 2 main categories of airlines satisfy different needs, they will be available in parallel for a long time. Some predicted that some of the "conventional" airline companies will disappear due to the tough competition from the low fare carriers, the rest of them will restructure, turning themselves into low cost airlines in order to keep up with the competition. This did not and will not happen! The 2 categories of air carriers are simply different alternatives, different solutions for different types of travelers.

Interestingly, in order to face the competition from the budget carriers, the major airlines have introduced special discounts, offering discounted airline tickets periodically, they are also working on reducing operational costs in order to minimize the prices of tickets. Today, many major airlines like Delta, MalÚv - Hungarian Airlines, offer low cost services.

The low cost airlines (often called "no frills airlines") are targeting student travelers and other categories of potential clients with low budgets. Comfort and additional services (airport transfer, on-board services, etc.) are not the strong points of these companies. Flights with low cost airlines usually take you to secondary airports, far from your final destination and you often have to pay a lot on your luggage and in-flight meals. Cramped seats are

Business travelers will seek business class tickets at the major carriers (if they don't fly with private jets), rarely on low cost airlines.


About our experience in the budget air travel business...


We've launched Find Cheap Plane Tickets in 2003, on October the 30th. Ever since, we've been trying to give our visitors the best resources possible!

Initially, we have focused on the low cost airline travel segment, now, we have widened horizons and we offer flight planning information & advices, air travel deals information, reviews (of airline sites and other sites that offer online booking possibilities), finally, we offer access to a general travel directory (which is continuously growing: new, well selected sites are being added to the collection periodically).

All our resources are free for anyone on the planet.

Many people, from all corners of the World come to our site to find info, advice on plane travel.       

You too are welcome! 



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