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    Modern flight tickets sale: e-tickets/electronic tickets


    Modern plane ticket sale methods, like online booking for instance, have lead to new ways to process the data of travelers. Before, all ticket sales implicated intensive paper use, today the traveler and the travel agency have the opportunity to use the advantages of the e-tickets (also known as electronic tickets). With e-tickets, paperwork is almost completely eliminated. Paperless operations mean economy of time & money. Online booking sites of airlines issue electronic tickets to the buyers, during this operation, the data of the client is transferred to the airline company's computer database. The data will be used at the airport when the traveler boards the plane.

    One could say, that electronic tickets are the substitutes of paper flight tickets, similarly as credit cards are the substitutes of cash.

    E-tickets have advantages for the travelers and for the airline companies as well.

   For the travelers, electronic tickets have the advantages that they cannot be lost or deteriorated and that they are a bit cheaper in the case of those airlines that charge an additional fee for printing/issuing paper tickets.

    For the airline companies, e-tickets simplify the operations with tickets: less paperwork means less expenses, less personnel.

    As we have seen, internet and so online booking has contributed to the introduction of e-tickets which has revolutionized the way plane tickets are sold and travelers board jets. Though, most airlines still use the conventional paperwork and some people dislike computerized operations (especially the older generation that is not familiarized with computers and identification codes). Let us hope that in the near future, all airlines will have the reasons and the necessary resources to emit electronic tickets and this way, travelers will spend less time with "taking care of the tickets" and waiting at the airport to be checked.


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