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flight planning: efficient flight planning advices



    Efficient flight planning/trip planning


    Before going away, one must put together a plan carefully in order to achieve low costs & comfort.

    Our air trip planning chapter takes a look at what you have to do before you fly away: what documents you need, what not to forget to pack, what you can do in order for your trip to be pleasant & comfortable, etc.

    The most important things in any trip planning are the necessary documents, without which you either cannot travel or could have serious difficulties. When travelling by air to a foreign country, you must first check this list of necessary documents:


  Passport (must be a valid passport)

  Personal identification (just as important as a passport is, it's good to have it with you)

  Visa (before buying the plane ticket, make sure that you have a visa, if you need one)

  Insurance (medical insurance/travel insurance, it's good to have one, sometimes it's compulsory)

  Plane tickets (get it after you've resolved all of the above, it's good to make reservation first)

  Drivers license (if you are planning to drive, take it with you, if you have one)


    Visas are usually emitted by the embassies, consulates of countries. You can obtain one there, which will normally be for a limited period (which you shouldn't exceed) and will usually cost you some money. Obtaining a visa might take a few hours, often several weeks, even months, depending on what citizenship you have, to which country you wish to travel and what the purpose of your trip is. The process of getting a visa is quite complicated usually, involving a lot of bureaucracy that can be annoying to some.

If you forget to get a visa, you cannot enter that certain country. Also take account of the fact that you'll also need a visa for crossing/travelling through a country that you would normally require a visa to travel to. If you're only travelling through, most embassies will provide you a so-called "transit visa", only valid for a short period (a few days, 24 hours, etc., the approximate time needed to travel through). But if you are not required any visa, than you can enter freely with a valid passport! In some countries you might have to pay an "entry fee". For any information on how to get/where to get a visa or whether you need one or not, please get informed at the embassy of that country.

    Travel insurance is good to have, especially when travelling to countries with an elevated degree of risks. Such risks are usually health-related risks. When travelling to warn, exotic destinations, you must get vaccinated in order to avoid or to resist better if you might get some regional disease. Malaria, diphtheria, tetanus, typhoid, cholera, hepatitis A, hepatitis B, yellow fever, etc. are just some of the most dangerous, deadly diseases on the list. Travelling to places like India, Costa Rica, Vietnam, Kenya, Peru, Thailand and many other exotic destinations comes with the probability of getting infected (either from the air, water, food, etc). Make sure that you know all the health-related risks and that you've taken the proper measures of protection (vaccines, medicine) & insurance (medical insurance for travelers) before leaving.

    To maintain a good healthy, fit condition, except the insurance, don't forget to take these items:


  Medicine (pills for headache, prescribed drugs, if you have such thing, etc.)

  Comfortable clothing & shoes (for relaxation & good blood-circulation while flying)


    Flights can be extremely uncomfortable, especially when travelling on economy class. Cramped seats, less room for feet & your hands. On long flights, this can be damaging to your health, as your blood circulation gets worse. Therefore it is recommended to move & drink more liquids than usually, but not alcohol! Walk on small distances on the corridor, but don't exaggerate on this, you might be warned to take a seat. A walk to the toilet & back should do it. If the flight is long, do it several times. And while sitting, take off your shoes, try moving your feet from time to time to get the blood circulating. Drink nectars, mineral water, natural juices, avoid alcohol. Your clothing & shoes should be comfortable, not tight.

      Efficient air trip planning also includes money: take credit cards with you, but also take an amount of cash. Split your cash into separate groups, don't take too much and don't put them all in the same place.

    In order for your flight planning to be almost perfect (because nobody is perfect), explore our site to understand the frequently used travel terms, understand the meanings of the so often used flight codes & symbols, discover new ways to get cheaper plane tickets, and so on...



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