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Voltaic Systems Inc.

      Voltaic Systems

Annoyed of batteries running flat while on a trip? Worry no more!

Voltaic Systems is the best place for electric travel accessories. At Voltaic Systems you'll find solar bags, battery packs, adaptors, portable solar panels and many other accessories. 

The Voltaic™ solar bags are mobile power generators, designed to charge your devices without tying you to a power outlet, which makes them ideal for traveling. Just plug a standard car charger into the Voltaic solar bag and recharge most small electronic devices including: cell phones, cameras, two way radios, PDA's, and MP3s.

Voltaic Systems offers a large set of adaptors for those who travel into different countries. When you travel to Japan, the USA  or Europe, you'll find different plugs, different voltages and won't be able to recharge your laptop and/or other portable devices. At Voltaic Systems you're able to select from dozens of adaptors and won't have plug incompatibility problems anymore when you travel.  



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