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cheap plane tickets: finding the cheapest tickets


    Find the cheapest ticket possible!


    Lots of travelers are short on cash, but so badly that they can hardly afford to pay for an ordinary economy class plane ticket. But there are several ways to shrink the expenses of an air trip, for economic travelers with low budgets, like students, for instance, comfort isn't the most important issue, they want to pay as little as possible for their flights. It's often possible to reduce your expenses with more than 75 %, if you know how...

    This article is dedicated to those who are willing to give up significant elements of comfort in exchange for much cheaper flight tickets.

    The options are the following:


  Low cost airlines (also known as low fare airlines, no frills airlines)

       Check out several low cost airline sites and search for different dates, departure times, you'll be amazed to see how much fares vary, choose the smallest fare that you can afford, which also has an adequate schedule for you; Important: you won't find many intercontinental flights offered by low cost airlines, the low cost airlines operate usually between cities with lots of tourists, they're most common in Europe and North America.

  Plane ticket consolidators/bucket shops

        Some consolidators offer extremely low airfares, but still remain more expensive than the low cost airlines, however, you may find lots of consolidators selling low cost airline tickets; If you're looking for the cheapest long range intercontinental flight tickets, then the best place are the consolidators/bucket shops; Also interesting to observe is the fact that consolidators tend to have lower fares towards the end of holiday periods, when lots of tickets remain unsold and they're looking for ways to get rid of them and still get some income; You should also check the last minute deals, which are also common amongst consolidators.


    You must also know that you'll save more if you fly with less intermediate stops and if you take the same airline. 

     We hope this article was useful for you!



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