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flight planning




Efficient flight planning/plane trip planning resources


Efficient flight planning requires careful documentation (looking around, gathering information about the opportunities that lie around) and intelligent coordination, synchronization of activities. You need to know everything about the requirements for your flight, the dimensions and limits of the resources that you have in order to be able to plan your air trip efficiently.

Explore our flight planning section to learn more about what documents you need to fly to certain destinations, how you can obtain these destinations, also, we help you with planning long range trips with multiple intermediate stops and give you useful advices on how to prevent jet lag and there's more!

Your goal is to fly without any worry, to travel in comfort while spending less amount of money.

All these conditions can be reached more easily if you take a little time to explore our articles to find free advices & tips on efficient airplane trip planning! 



Necessary documents for flights checklist

(this is a checklist of documents that are important for flights...)

Efficient flight planning/trip planning advices

(advices on how to plan your flight...)

Distinguishing scheduled and charter flights

(article about scheduled and charter flights...)

Air travel terms dictionary

(dictionary about the most frequently used air travel terms/expressions...)

Coping with jet lag  

(advices and information on how to reduce jet lag, fatigue due to time zone shifting...)

Reducing airport waiting times 

(tips on how to reduce airport waiting times...)

Advices for first time flyers   

(advices for those who have never flown before...)

Flight codes & symbols guide

(explanation of what the typical symbols used in flight schedule tables mean...)    

World airlines directory

(directory containing 200 links to airlines around the World...)

World low cost airlines directory

(directory of low cost airlines, geographically categorized...)

World airline codes lookup

(index of airline codes...)

World airports directory

(149 airport sites from all around the World are listed under this subsection...)

World airport codes lookup

(3451 international airport codes are included under this subsection...)



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