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cheap plane tickets: airfare discounts: frequent flyer programs


    Fly frequently, earn bonus points & flights!


    Almost every major airline in the world has a frequent flyer program.

    Take advantage of the opportunity if you are a frequent flyer!

    It is free to take to join such programs and it reduces your costs. These programs usually mean that: after a number of flights (specified by the respective airline), you get either a discount or free flights. After joining, for each flight you get points/miles which accumulated can reach the level where you get the discount or free flight. This sounds great, but as mentioned above, you have to be a traveler who flies often.

    There are several important things to know about frequent flyer programs:


  Many frequent flyer programs are limited in time

  (you can only accumulate points/miles in a limited period specified by the respective airline company, this means that if you interrupt flying for a longer period, you might lose your previously accumulated points/miles)

  Airlines might make changes unpleasant for program members

  (because the airlines reserve themselves the right to modify any of their programs/services whenever they wish, you might be left out of the program in various ways, for example: if the company decides not to fly anymore to certain cities, where you would have liked it to, also the general regulations may change and more points/miles will have to be accumulated by the traveler to get the discount/bonus/advantage, or, certain services linked to hotel chains, other airlines may cease to exist or suffer modification)

  Always keep you boarding passes and necessary documents

  (in order to prove that you have flown, keep your flight related documents until the airline company registers you and gives you the number of points/miles for the flight)


    For frequently flying businessmen, it is recommended to join such programs. It is also possible to join 2 or more frequent flyer programs of different airlines. However, this is not recommended, because it will shrink the number of points/miles accumulated at each company separately. But if you have joined a frequent flyer program of an airline that doesn't fly to all your destinations, than you should join another one that does.


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