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    Fly in groups and pay less for your plane tickets!


    It's as simple as it sounds!

    If you fly in a group, you can spend less for your flights. Travel agencies often offer large discounts for groups. So, take your friends with you! A tremendous chance for students to find cheap airfares.

   Group flying can be cheaper, even if you're a businessman. Convince your colleagues to fly with you when you both have reasons to fly to the same destination.

    Families can also profit from this, as well as any other group that is big enough to be offered a discount on airfares. Note that: 2 people are not enough, you'll need to more to take advantage of these opportunities. And unfortunately, not all travel agencies or airlines offer discounts for groups...

    Student airfares offers are rare and perhaps not available to all students World-wide. Group flying is more popular with the travel agencies and airlines and can also be fun if you're flying with your best friends to your favourite holiday destinations!

    Group flying is a great way to find student airfares without too many formalities! Students won't need any special documents (like in the case of the specialized agencies that offer specific student airfares), a group of friends is all that's needed, if the respective agency has a program that gives discounts for groups on plane tickets.

   There are people, who usually travel in groups. For those who have missed this chance, it's recommended to book their plane tickets in bulk, as they'll be sold for less.

    It's important to know how many people one should gather in order to benefit from these deals. These numbers may vary from agency to agency and the students have the biggest possibility to put these groups together. Comparison is also an element that needs to taken into account: some agencies could offer very little discounts, such as 3 or 5 %, others might offer much more...


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