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    Book your ticket later & fly much cheaper!


    Almost no plane takes off without having at least a few unsold seats.

    Of course, travel agencies are desperate to sell the unsold tickets before the time of departure, otherwise they'll end up in loss...

    Last minute flights are some of the best bargains a traveler can make!

    These plane tickets are sold usually only several days prior to the departure date. Agencies call them "promotional offers", but in fact they are just a desperate measure to sell them in order to recover the expenses or to make as much profit as possible...

    Generally, booking in advance for a flight is desirable, but if you forgot to make a reservation in time, don't worry, check the last minute flights!

    Finding such tickets at low cost airlines is less probable, in this case it is better to look at the flag carriers (the "ordinary airlines").

    Check the travel agencies, airline offices to look for special offers, these usually appear towards the end of a season, for example at the end of summer holiday season, when agencies start to run out of customers. Agencies always try to attract tourists with discounts. These last minute travel deals also apply to cruises, hotel rooms, etc.

    However, when you're looking online for tickets, always check different dates, late night departures, etc. Usually, the closer the departure time is to your booking time, the better.

    Though, it is better to fly without intermediary stops, the less intermediary stops, the better!


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