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flight planning: necessary documents for flights checklist



    Documents you need before you fly


    Before you fly, you must make sure that you have all the documents needed.

   Get well informed in time about what documents are necessary for your flight. Especially when travelling abroad.

    Your checklist should take the following documents into account:   



        (some countries may require a visa for you to enter them, obtain it from their embassy)

  Medical travel insurance

        (usually it is compulsory to obtain and show at the border, you must have it for your safety)

  Personal identification documents

        (i.d., passport, etc., as required)

  Plane tickets

       (of course, you know..., but it's wise to get them after you've resolved all of the above, it's good to make reservation first)


    Keep in mind the order of the checklist.

    Some countries require visa, which you have to obtain at their embassy in your country or from a representative embassy or consulate in case the country doesn't have an embassy in your country.

    If you need a visa to enter a country, don't buy the plane ticket before you obtain the visa, which might take up to several months to obtain in the worst cases. It's advised to make a reservation for your flight, if possible, several months before. Then try obtaining a visa and then buy the plane ticket.    

    Medical insurance is often compulsory to travel to certain countries. Sometimes, resident countries might require that their citizens possess medical insurance before travelling abroad.

    It's advised not to travel without medical insurance anywhere abroad. Nowadays, SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome), Bird Flu (Avian Influenza), Malaria and other diseases pose an immense threat to travelers who are not insured. If you have insurance, you can get treated, if not, then you find yourself in an awful situation. Think of it: it's not worth risking. A simple stomach problem or common cold can also give you a hard time. There are various types of travel insurances, you should verify the legitimacy, the availability and the area where it can be used, also ask at your travel insurance provider how and who will help you in case you need it.

    We hope this article was useful for you in planning your airplane trip!




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