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cheap plane tickets: plane tickets by carrier


    Which airline should you choose?


    Different types of carriers have different prices.

    Roughly, there are 2 types of carriers:


  Major airlines

  Low cost airlines (Low fare carriers)


    Differences between low cost airlines and the major carriers         


    The low cost airlines sell cheaper tickets, but don't take it for granted!

    Often, a "low cost" ticket can cost you more than if you would buy it from a flag carrier, therefore, we recommend you to compare the fares.

    The major airlines include all "old-fashioned", "conventional" airlines, including the flag carriers. The latter ones are the national airlines of the respective countries.

    If you want higher comfort, you should forget about the low cost airlines, as they have a very bad reputation in this matter.

    Low fare carriers are, however, very popular on short routes. Especially in Europe and the USA, these carriers fly to highly frequented vacation destinations, offering cheap alternatives to travelers with low budgets. They are uncomfortable, but that's due to the low fares (operational cost cuts lead to cramped seating, lack of free in-flight meals, etc.).

    Low cost airlines usually sell online, while the major ones both ways: in offices and online as well.

    As for additional costs (airport taxes, luggage taxes, etc.): the low fare airlines charge you a lot, while the "conventional" airlines usually include most taxes in the plane ticket's price.

    Usually, a budget airline would put more taxes on your head that the actual ticket's price. And: generally you have to pay for your luggage (the heavier, the more you have to pay).

    It is possible to find ways to get cheap tickets and high comfort , both in one!   


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