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cheap plane tickets: plane tickets by flight type


    How many types of flights are there?


    We present you the following flight types and the implications of each one, select your option:


  Scheduled flight tickets

  Charter flight tickets

  Air courier flying


    Differences between flight types (shortly)         


    Scheduled flights are operated according to strict schedules, while charter flights are periodic flights. Charter flights are usually flights that are not operated by the airline (the one that possesses the aircraft), but by a travel agency or another airline. Most often, travel agencies hire airlines to fly their clients to certain destinations. These flights are periodic, frequently used to link highly popular travel destinations (in the summer, many charters fly to Greece, for instance, after the season is over, the flights stop).

    Nowadays, the difference is often unclear between the two categories, as many charter flights operate to a schedule.

    As for air courier flying: this refers to working as a courier. Companies often use couriers to fly with packages from city to city and deliver them at the destination. Because some documents, packages are too important to be simply sent out by post, people are hired to do the job. This too can help you in getting free plane tickets.


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