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flight planning: reducing airport waiting times



    What you can do to wait less in airports


    First of all, make sure that you have packed all that you need.

    One thing most travelers don't take care of is the separation of different items when packing. Put important things, such as passports, plane tickets, medication, etc. in your hand bad, the one you will take with you on the airplane. Large bags must only contain items that you won't need on the flight. Of course, it's advised not to take items on the plane that you will not need to use during flight.

    Here are several tips that'll help you reduce the waiting time at airports:


  Pack smart

        (make sure you have packed all you need and put it where you have to put them)

  Leave on time to the airport

        (but not too early of course - one thing some travelers overlook is the fact that airports have time limits set for receiving passengers, you'll often have to be there 1 hour, sometimes even up to 2 and a half hours before take of to check in, otherwise you will be rejected and will miss the flight)]

  Avoid packing prohibited items

        (don't pack products that are prohibited on flights: no lighter, matches, knives, forks, scissors, etc, as if you are found having just 1, you are stopped by the security personnel, diverted from other travelers and thoroughly verified)

  Avoid wearing metal objects

        (if possible, don't wear any metal objects at all, remove coins from pockets, take your belt, it it has metallic parts, before you pass the gate)

  Do not bring complicated packages/items

        (large packages, nicely wrapped gift boxes, etc. will create complications, find a way to transport them without having to loose precious time at the gate)

  Turn communication equipment and portable disc players off

        (if you have mobile phones, CD/DVD/MD players, turn them off, as they interfere with the aircraft's communication systems, otherwise you could get fined by the airline; items, such as MP3 players, casette walkmans, notebooks that are not using wireless equipment, not disks, except their hard disk, are allowed during flight


      Basically, it's advised not to take items that can complicate your boarding process. And, necessary items, such as documents, must be readily available.         




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