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    About our goals & our large resources


   Find Cheap Plane Tickets is one of the main online resources for finding cheap plane tickets. Our portal helps a large number of visitors that are seeking ways to fly for less. Most travelers pay too much for their flights, not even knowing that there are ways to fly cheaper. Our services offer solutions to those willing to cut travel costs. The visitors get access to our large directories and numerous articles, studies, advices which contain useful information regarding cheap air travel, as well as many other resources that are somehow related to this subject.

   Our goal is to offer free air travel-related information/documentation/advices to those in need. Not only that we provide rich information related to finding cheap plane tickets, but we also give access to hundreds of useful sites, from airlines to agencies that offer travel insurance. On our site you'll find just about anything you need to travel by air. Not only solutions to finding cheap plane tickets online, but also ways to efficiently plan your trip, synchronize activities, such as departure/arrival with car rentals, hotel room rentals, etc.

    If you're a traveler, looking for questions related to cheap flying, you couldn't find a better site than this one!

    Take a dive into our resources: discover low cost airlines, find out how to get cheap tickets, how to book online efficiently, find adventure travel sites, as well as travel gear selling online shops, find yourself hotels where you're flying and much much more! Our site is constantly growing to serve you better!

    Find Cheap Plane Tickets is accessible from hundreds of websites and the most popular search engines, where we're listed: MSN, Yahoo, Google, AltaVista, AOL, Overture, Mamma, Lycos, AskJeeves, Dogpile, AllTheWeb, Excite, Metacrawler, etc.

    We welcome you to our website and wish you a nice stay! Hoping you'll enjoy your exploration and you'll come back soon to find new things that interest you!


    Content Policies


    Our website has been created to run fast and to be easily navigalbe. We have highly relevant content which has been put together in an adequate way to serve our visitors as well as possible in finding cheap plane tickets online or offline. If you're looking for a cheap airfares resource, our website is the best place you can find on the internet: our highly relevant content is related to cheap airfares and to air travel related subjects in general, we stick to these contents, we are free of undesireable advertisements or filler material, like other sites. On this site, you'll find in-depth information & useful resources related to finding cheap airfares & air travel in general.

    We use no pop-ups, no adware or cookies, files/programs that could bother our visitors. We don't use any complicated animations that need the installation of additional drivers. Our site is easily navigable and simple to use.

    The purpose/mission/goal of this site is to inform visitors, not to sell plane tickets. We don't sell tickets or any other products/services, however, via our site, you get access to plenty of sites that do sell plane tickets or other products/services. We don't encourage any visitor to buy anything or to visit any site. We only inform. We have absolutely no obligations of any kind, whatsoever,  regarding the contents/services/products sold/offered by other sites that a visitor may have accessed from our site.

   Our site's own content is copyrighted, this includes our texts, our promotional texts, slogans, navigation buttons and other content. Our website respects the copyrighted material of other sites as well. The advertising material of other sites/companies (text links, banners, etc.) that are listed on our site are all published with permission or have been placed on our site because the respective sites/companies requested to be listed in our directories.


    Privacy policy


    To find answers on this issue, please turn to our privacy policy section.


    Terms of use


    Check our terms of use section for more information.


    How do you find something on our site?


    If you're looking for something on this site, the best place to start looking is our main page, which contains a glimpse of our most popular subjects, and if you're curious to see everything that you can find here, look at our site map section. There you'll find every subject that we have.


    What you need to run our site properly


   Find Cheap Plane Tickets runs well on any modern PC on a screen resolution of 800x600 pixels (or higher) and it is optimized to run fast. However, you should take into account that if you have errors/dysfunctions, it is highly probable that either your software or your server is defective/incompatible.

    We recommend our users to use Microsoft Internet Explorer and as operational system: Windows 98/ME/XP. Close to 100% of our users use Internet Explorer and Windows and have no problems/errors whatsoever with running Find Cheap Plane Tickets. (Note: less performant internet browser programs will usually function improperly or give errors while visiting most modern sites, Microsoft Internet Explorer is the leading web browser program and it is also the most performant one.)



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