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    Buying tickets directly from airlines


    The airlines offer some advantages and also disadvantages in comparison with travel agencies.

    Prices of plane tickets are different, in some cases airlines sell cheaper, in other cases, the travel agencies (it is true that the airlines operate the flights, but that doesn't necessarily guarantee lower fares).

    The main advantage of buying your ticket straight from the airline is that you're more likely to get what you paid for. In the case of travel agencies, there are situations when more travelers are sold the same place or ticket is issued for a different flight, etc. There are a variety of problems that can occur, true though, that these happen rarely.

    Airlines offer more assistance, travel agencies don't. If you need a visa, for instance, your airline office might warn you about it or even offer assistance, help in  obtaining it.

    If you are sure about a certain airline, if you have a favourite carrier and you like their services, then you can purchase from an airline. If you are seeking the cheapest prices possible on airline tickets, then try a consolidator agency.


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