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    Plane ticket consolidators/bucket shops


    The plane ticket consolidators, also known by the travelers as "bucket shops" are companies that buy plane tickets in large numbers in order to resell them later. The prices of tickets sold by the bucket shops is lower than those sold by the airlines themselves. This way, a person buying directly from the airline might come out with a slight disadvantage compared to another person who has bought the ticket from a consolidator's office. Basically, those buying from the bucket shops will pay less, buy fly with the same jet & occupy the same type of seat.

    So what do the airlines come out with if they allow the plane ticket consolidators/bucket shops to sell their seats for less? Airlines have the interest to sell all their seats and by selling the tickets in bulk to consolidators, their profit & the occupation of the seats can be ensured. Otherwise, the airlines themselves might not be able to sell the tickets one by one and fill all empty seats. The consequence would be a drop in their income. Often, when many seats remain unsold, shortly before takeoff, the airline sells the remaining tickets at extremely low prices. These are the so-called last minute deals. However, airlines prefer to sell part of their tickets to the bucket shops, as the last minute deals don't ensure much profit, just get rid of some unsold seats for bargain prices.

    Being efficient in getting cheap plane tickets is a complex matter, one must check out numerous offers, compare them, then make the right decision. However, in the case of plane ticket consolidators/bucket shops, there's more than just getting documented & choosing the right offer: you must make sure that the company is reliable, functions legally and you must know what the full price of the ticket will be (most consolidators don't include all taxes in the price of a ticket and you might be in for an unpleasant surprise if the taxes push the ticket's price higher than you've expected!). Bucket shops might offer cheaper ways to find plane tickets, but caution is recommended.

    Consolidators function in offices or online, just like airlines do. You have the choice to buy your plane tickets online or in an office. Online purchases are usually more economic.


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