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    Low operational costs mean cheaper tickets


    It is a mystery to most travelers how the low cost airlines cut their operational expenses so efficiently. Most people who have flown with these carriers don't understand how come most airlines take hundreds of dollars for a flight that can cost only tens at a low cost airline. Same destination, lower price. A flight with a so-called low cost airline (also known as low fare or no frills airline) can cost you as little as a fast food meal! As opposed to this, travelers who see the offers of the low cost airlines, hesitate, either because they can't believe their eyes (fares seem unbelievably low) or they are worried about safety issues (thinking that low cost flights are less safe than others)... The truth is, some low cost airlines have very high safety records and modern fleet and their fares are really low, due to their highly efficient cost cuts.

    This chapter unfolds the secret behind the cheap low cost airline flights.

    We all know that low cost airlines sell cheap tickets for flights, because they reduce their operational costs, while other airlines have higher expenses and so, higher fares.

    The low cost airlines are trying to eliminate all unnecessary costs related to various operations, such as financial operations, ticketing operations and others. These activities are the ones that "eat up" the resources of the "ordinary/conventional" airlines.

    The low cost airlines are are trying to reduce, eliminate, substitute those operations that need paper use. Less paper means less expenses, so most modern low cost carriers sell their tickets online.

    Basically, this is what the low cost airlines do in order to reduce ticket prices:


  No free in-flight meals

        (if you're dieing for a bite, you have to pay for it)

  Less use of major airports

        (operating through secondary airports is cheaper)

  Less personnel

        (higher work efficiency, better organization of the activities, less people to pay for)

  Modern ticket selling activities

        (often tickets are sold using the internet to eliminate paperwork-related costs)

  Maximization of aircraft use

        (flying as often as possible, carrying as many passengers as possible)


    Selling plane tickets in a cost-effective, more efficient way means: less paper-needing operations, less employees to pay salaries for, less ticket sales in offices (which require maintenance costs, taxes on space, etc.)

    Usually, this is how tickets are being bought: visitors search for flights using the built-in engine on a low cost airline's website. After entering their details (destination, departure date, etc.), they are given the results from which they can choose from. It sounds similar to ordinary online booking engines of various travel sites, such as Hotwire or Travelocity, but it's different. Usually the results appear as intervals. Airfares differ a lot from each other, depending on departure times and other factors.

    After the visitors makes a choice, the ticket can be bought online. Most low cost airlines have adopted the method of the boarding code: people who book online are give an identification code which will let them board the aircraft and take their seat. This operation reduces costs and minimizes the time spent with clients by the personnel. In contradiction to what most travelers believe: low cost airlines don't necessarily cut their safety costs! Flying with them is quite safe, Irish Ryanair, Hungarian WIZZ Air, English easyJet and many others have modern, new aircraft in their fleets.

    How about comfort? Should you worry?

    Comfort on a low cost flight can be compared to that of an economy class flight: cramped seats, less room for feet and elbow, etc. But there are other differences: most low cost airlines charge you more for your luggage (some weigh your luggage and charge you for it per kgs carried), various taxes (such as airport taxes) are added to your ticket's price and of course, you won't get an in-flight meal. Transportation to and from the airports served by low cost airlines is often poor, airports are, as mentioned above, usually secondary airports from where low cost carriers are trying to serve and entire area, not just a city.

    Therefore, we believe that the low cost airlines are a great alternative for people with low budgets looking to get cheap tickets for flights.

    However, you should be careful and always take a look around, make some comparisons before you book. It could even cost you more to fly with a low cost airline than with a conventional one. Also: most low cost airline tickets are on-way tickets, usually you have to buy the departure and return tickets separately! Make sure you know what and you have to take out of your pockets before buying the ticket. Airport taxes, luggage taxes, transportation to and from the airport could rise your expenditures.


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