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    Buying plane tickets from the major airlines


    The major airlines are the "big fish" in the airline business.

    Quality is attributed higher importance than costs.

    On the other side, you will find the low cost airlines, offering cheap tickets for travelers who cannot afford the usual prices. Of course, this happens at the expense of comfort.

    The major airlines fly to many faraway destinations, where the low cost airlines do not. The latter ones are more likely to take you to domestic or nearby, intracontiental destinations (within the same continent), rarely offer intercontinental flights.

    When flying, from, let's say, London to Glasgow or from Athens to Stockholm, you have 2 choices: either fly with a low cost carrier of with a "conventional" one. But on long routes, let's say: Frankfurt - Tokyo or Budapest - Bangkok, you will very rarely find budget carriers...

    Interestingly, the price of an airline ticket does not multiply with the distance. A usual (not low fare) London-Budapest flight can cost around 200 - 300 $, while between Frankfurt and Tokyo, it can get as low as 600 - 700 $... And we all know that the distance between Frankfurt is not twice the distance between London and Budapest... the price /km paid on short routes is actually higher than that paid on long routes.

    You can buy your airline ticket from an airline office or online, from airline sites.

    An interesting thing is that, nowadays, since the competition between the budget carriers and the "oldies" is getting stiffer, the latter ones offer low cost services too. It's not uncommon to stumble across low cost flight promotions of flag carriers. A good example is the Hungarian national airline, MalÚv - Hungarian Airlines...

    Major airlines include any large, popular airline that is not low cost.

    When we say "major airlines", we mean: large carriers that connect different parts of the World, not regional carriers, but airlines that connect cities from different continents. Flag carriers are major airlines, usually, however not always (small nations sometimes lack the resources to connect themselves to the rest of the World).

    Many of the major airlines are parts of airline alliances. Such as the Star Alliance, which includes several airlines (just to mention a few: Thai Airways, Lufthansa, Air New Zealand), One World Alliance (includes 11 airlines, among which are JAL - Japan Airlines, MalÚv - Hungarian Airlines, Quantas, Cathay Pacific, British Airways, American Airlines, LAN Chile)... Is you buz airplen tickets form an airline that is part of an alliance, you get connected to more alternatives. You will have the possibility to continue your journey from a certain destination with another airline from within the alliance (because they fly to different destinations, complementing each other).

    Overall, for long distance flights, major airlines are practically the only good solution.

   For short distance flights, you should take account of the low cost airlines' offers, make fare comparisons and select the one that suits your needs and possiblities.


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