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reviews: major airline site reviews: air canada



    Air Canada - analysis, information, review


    Company overview

          Airline review: Air Canada 

    Air Canada is a huge company, with an immense fleet and an old past, being founded in 1937.

    They had 335 airplanes in 2006 and over 127 on order.

    Air Canada is a member of the Star Alliance, along with Thai Airways and Lufthansa, which, to their clients offers access to many more destinations and travel connections than those that Air Canada has.

    Air Canada is renowned for offering more legroom than other airlines, especially on business class. The company, however, has a bad reputation in in-flight entertainment (numerous passengers complain of poor quality in-flight entertainment, especially on long haul flights).

    Even though Canada is not among one of the most populated countries, Air Canada has one of the largest fleets in the World. The airline is also one of the most profitable emerging carriers.

    The main Canadian cities served by this airline are: Montréal, Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver. The total number of destinations is 240.

    Through a subsidized company, Air Canada Vacations, over 90 destinations are available for vacation package hunters. Air Canada is not only successful as an air carrier, but also as a travel package seller.

    Air Canada is considered the World's 12th largest airline, mainly due to its large fleet and great income. The company grew significantly with the incorporation of the Canadian Airlines carrier (which had a fleet of 167 aircraft) into Air Canada.


    Website & online booking services


    We have carefully reviewed the Air Canada site and have credited it with 9 stars out of 10.

    Clearly well presented. Airline tickets, car rentals, hotel reservations and vacations are sold through the site, as it happens very often in the case of airlines today, which, in order to increase their income, extend more and more into the area of activity of the travel agencies.

    Through the Air Canada site, you can book airline tickets for the following classes: Executive First, Executive Class, Premium Economy Class, Economy Class. the company shows flexibility towards clients' needs, therefore they offer these 4 classes, which are in fact 2 main classes and 2 intermediate ones that offer slightly more than the basic ones.

    Multiple stop airline tickets are also offered, along with the usual round-trip and one way tickets.

    Online check-in and flight status services are both available. These 2 services are getting more and more popular in the last years, as airlines constantly work on improving and extending their services offered via the internet.

    Air Canada's multilingual site offers good control over your trip, regardless of the language. The quality of services is equal, which has positively impressed us.

    If you plan to fly with Air Canada, keep in mind that they're teamed up with other major airlines, through the Star Alliance, carriers like Thai Airways, Air New Zealand, Lufthansa offer connecting flight to those available directly from Air Canada.    

    Score is 9 stars out of 10, as mentioned on top of this subsection, only because they could have given something more... More services to clients, more travel information, more products and services. It's a good site, however, not impressive (unlike the sites of Thai Airways, Qantas, for instance).


Company information

 Company name:

 Air Canada

 Airline code:



 Montréal, Québec, Canada

 Destination regions:

 Europe, Latin America, North America, Middle East, Africa, Asia


 Website in languages:

 ENG, FRA...


Review information

 Website score:

 (9 stars/10)

 Review date:

 November 4, 2006 


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