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reviews: low cost airline site reviews: kingfisher airlines



    Kingfisher Airlines official website - analysis, information, review


    Company overview

          Airline review: Kingfisher Airlines 

   Kingfisher Airlines is an Indian low cost carrier, serving domestic destinations.

    The airline is very young. It has first started operating on 9th of May, 2005, with 4 leased Airbus 320s, from its hub at the Bangalore International Airport.

   The company, founded in 2004, is owned by United Beverages Group and is under the leadership of Vijay Mallya, who also owns the popular Indian beer with the same name.

     In 2006, Kingfisher already operated with 11 aircraft, flying to 16 destinations throughout India.

    This low cost airline has a very good reputation in onboard comfort: each traveler has an LCD just for himself, placed on the rear of the front seat. Not many airlines and certainly, not many budget airlines have adopted such luxurious hardware.

    Kingfisher airlines must always be taken into account when travelling to India!

In 2005, when they first started operating, only domestic destinations were available. Indian laws require airlines to operate for 5 years on domestic routes before flying to foreign destinations.

   In 2006, Kingfisher offered pretty low airfares to clients wishing to fly to Bangalore, Delhi, Bombay (Mumbai), Goa, Chennai, Hyderabad, Dibrugarh, Mangalore, Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Guwahati, Bagdogra, Calcutta (Kolkata), Pune, Agartala and Cochin.

    The international routes are planned to start in 2010.

    Kingfisher is planning to extend in the region and become a leading low cost carrier. The future seems promising, ever since the launch of the airline, it has had almost nothing but success.

    Kingfisher Airlines is the first Indian airline to order the new Airbus A380. 5 of these "monsters" will fly under the colours of Kingfisher, along with other airplanes that are being periodically ordered by the company, making it one of the most important aircraft buyers in the region.


    Website & online booking services


    Kingfisher airlines has an attractive and interesting colourful website. Reminding us of India's colours...

    The site is a unique creation, very different from European and American airline sites.

    Interesting about it is that it puts a lot of accent on the "human component": visitors will "fell" the airline, discover the services offered through the simple, yet effective design and organization of the website...

    However, we found small design defects, spotty images, but that's purely a web design problem.

   And now let's see the services: they offer online booking possibility, but also reservation through telephone, which is very good for those who are less experienced with online airline ticket booking engines.

    What we liked a lot about Kingfisher Airlines is that they publish their schedule on their site. Few airlines do this, it's really useful. On other airline sites, clients enter different dates and struggle a lot to find a flight. Those of you who have searched for flights online, already know bothering it can when you are returned "no flight available for that date, please try another date"... Kingfisher lets you know the schedule, offering you to plan your trip easier.

    They also have a frequent flyer program, called "King Club". But the section is more of a presentation page, lacking enough information about what the membership requires.

    There is a thing that we liked a lot about their online booking system: when you search for plane tickets, you have the option to book for children and infants (children under 2 years). Most airlines don't offer such diversity, they'd only let you book for "persons", which are considered adult tickets. Kingfisher not only that offers tickets for children, but also for infants.

    They also have a flight tracker section and other interesting ones...

    Unfortunately, we have found a lack of additional services (hotels, car rentals, etc.). But, perhaps in the future, as the airline grows, more services will be added.

    Interesting about this airline is that you can actually contact its chairman, Dr.Vijay Mallya, directly by e-mail. The section about this is attributed very high importance, it is accessible by one click only from the main page, in fact, the button with Dr.Vijay Mallya's face is ahead of those for travel services. We liked the idea, because it gives a more human contact for the client with the airline.

    Kingfisher Airlines seems to have a promising future and you won't regret if you check they're prices!


Company information

 Company name:

 Kingfisher Airlines

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 Airline code:



 Bangalore, India

 Services offered:

 Plane tickets...

 Destination regions:

 Indian (domestic)


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Review information

 Website score:

 (5 stars/10)

 Review date:

 May 8, 2006 


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