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    LAN Airlines - analysis, information, review


    Company overview

          Airline review: LAN Airlines 

    LAN Airlines is South America's largest carrier.

    LAN consists of a total of 8 companies: passenger airlines, cargo carriers, etc.

    Originally LAN was a Chilean airline, then it has acquired carriers in Ecuador, Argentina and Peru. Today, all these 4 countries are served by LAN.

    LAN Chile, LAN Ecuador, LAN Peru, LAN Argentina are "packed" together under the name of "LAN Airlines". They are marketed together, all have their central headquarters in Santiago, Chile.


    Website & online booking services


    The LAN site scores 6 stars out of 10.

    The online booking form is a bit confusing, launching new windows and showing some results in the selected language, others in Spanish, however, this is not a major bug, but it is disturbing.

    From the point of view of the design, they are average.

    Organization of the site is poor, it's often confusing to find certain services.     

    What we've found particularly good at them was the "Travel Information" section, where there's a rich section dedicated to serving potential travelers seeking answers to their questions.


Company information

 Company name:

 LAN Airlines

 Airline code:



 Santiago, Chile

 Destination regions:

 Europe, Latin America, North America, Middle East, Africa, Asia


 Website in languages:

 ENG, ESP...


Review information

 Website score:

 (6 stars/10)

 Review date:

 November 4, 2006 


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