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reviews: major airline site reviews: malév - hungarian airlines



    Malév - Hungarian Airlines official website - analysis, information, review


    Company overview

          Airline review: Malév - Hungarian Airlines 

    Malév - Hungarian Airlines is one of Central Europe's leading airlines, along with Austrian Airlines and LOT - Polish Airlines.

     The company was founded well over half a century ago, flying from Budapest, Hungary to important European cities.

    This airline's name, Malév is a shortcut that comes from the Hungarian words: Magyar Légi Vonalak, which means Hungarian Aerial Lines, in fact: Hungarian Airlines.

    Malév was exclusively owned by the Hungarian state, municipalities and employees until 1992, when 35 % of its shares were sold to various major investors, such as Alitalia and Simest.

    Malév flies to destinations within Europe, the Middle East, Asia, North Africa, North America. With most of its fleet consisting of new Boeing 737 series aircraft (most of which have been introduced to replace old planes, like the Tupolev 154), the Hungarian Airlines possesses one of Europe's most modern fleets and has excellent safety standards, high-quality onboard services.

    They also have code-share agreements with gigantic airlines, among which NWA - Northwest Airlines.

    Malév - Hungarian Airlines was awarded the "Airline of the year" title in 2004.


    Website & online booking services


    Malév has a multilingual, attractive website that'll impress you without any doubt! The site is one of the most beautiful airline sites that we've ever reviewed and the online booking engine is as well, one of the most comprehensive ones.

    Malév's site works in several languages, English is basic, but you can choose from others like: French, Italian, Greek, Spanish, etc. And: the number of languages is increasing, more are added periodically.

    The online booking engine is user friendly and permits booking for plane tickets, allows car rentals and hotel reservations as well, like most major airline sites. Other interesting, rare services/products that the Hungarian airline offers: travel accessories (for instance, you can buy travel bags from them), you can plan whole trips with their trip planner, check the time at your destination with their online analog clock, etc.

    Malév also has a frequent flyer program, which offers you the chance to reduce the price of your tickets or get bonus tickets, great service for frequent flyers, especially business travelers.

    Malév should be the first place you search for plane tickets if you wish to fly to or from Hungary, but it could also represent an alternative, if you want to travel to destinations outside Hungary, by stopping over in Budapest, Hungary and changing aircraft to your final destination. This way you take advantage of the Budapest Ferihegy International Airport's numerous World-wide (especially European) connections, (Budapest's Ferihegy International Airport is Central Europe's main aerial hub and it is predicted to become one of the most important hubs between Asia and Western Europe).

    Overall, the website is simply perfect, the services are excellent, the design is fantastic, worth to try out!


Company information

 Company name:


 Airline code:



 Budapest, Hungary

 Destination regions:

 Europe, North America, Middle East, North Africa, Asia


 Website in languages:



Review information

 Website score:

 (10 stars/10)

 Review date:

 October 29, 2005 - last updated on October 10, 2006


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