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reviews: major airline site reviews: qantas



    Qantas official website - analysis, information, review


    Company overview

          Airline review: Qantas 

     Qantas is Australia's largest air carriers, it has gained importance since Ansett Australia's bankruptcy. It is also one of the World's larges airlines, as in 2005, it had over 200 airplanes.

     Qantas is part of the One World Alliance, together with Cathay Pacific, MalÚv - Hungarian Airlines, Lan Chile, Iberia, British Airways, Finnair, Aer Lingus and American Airlines.

    Qantas has a distinguishing logo, a Kangaroo, which is painted on the tails of the aircraft operated by the airline.

    Qantas is headquartered in Sydney, Australia and operates mainly on the following airports: Melbourne Airport, Singapore Changi Airport, Hong Kong International Airport, Perth Airport, Brisbane Airport, Kingsford Smith International Airport, London Heathrow International Airport, Adelaide International Airport.


    Website & online booking services


    Plane ticket booking with Qantas is easy.

    The site is comprehensive, well built-up, attractive.

    You only have to make a few clicks to reach the plane ticket booking section, by a few clicks you can jump to the car rental section or any other service booking section.

    Search options include a "flexible dates" option as well as a fixed dates option.

    Unfortunately only English language is supported on the official Qantas site.

    The "Specials" section contains the chapters: "Domestic flights", "International flights", "Round the World", "Holidays" and "E-mail subscription".

    The navigation on the Qantas site is relatively easy, but many hover effects and hover links could bother some of the visitors. They're not that practical, however, they give a "sophisticated" look to the whole website.

    An integrated searcher helps visitors find anything on the website, a feature that many airline sites lack.

    Qantas can offer alternatives to finding cheap plane tickets, whenever your travel to & from or qwithin Australia.  


Company information

 Company name:


 Airline code:



 Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

 Destination regions:

 Europe, North America, South America, Middle East, Africa, Asia


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Review information

 Website score:

 (8 stars/10)

 Review date:

 January 16, 2006 - last updated on October 10, 2006


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