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reviews: low cost airline site reviews: virgin blue



    Virgin Blue official website - analysis, information, review


    Company overview

          Airline review: Virgin Blue - low cost airline 

    Virgin Blue is a Australian low cost airline, based in the city of Brisbane.

   The company was founded by English billionaire, Sir Richard Branson, who also founded Virgin Atlantic Airlines, which is based in England.

    Virgin Blue started operating on august the 3rd, 2000 by offering 7 return flights daily between Brisbane and Sydney. Throughout the years, Virgin Blue has grown to become Australia's second largest domestic carrier, after the bankruptcy of Ansett Australia in 2001.

    Today, the airline flies to lots of destinations around the South Pacific region and offers multiple travel services to its clients.


    Website & online booking services



    Virgin Blue offers tickets for flights to destinations located in Australia, Vanuatu, Fiji, New Zealand, the Cook Islands, Tonga.

   Flights, hotels, rental cars, travel insurance are all obtainable along with holiday packages.

    Well designed, attractive looks make this site simpatic to users. The online booking section is very well placed, easy to use and makes plane ticket booking, hotel room or rental car reservation very easy. However, the travel insurance and the holiday services are less visible, which we believe should be more visible in order to attract more clients.

      The site's interface is comprehensive, though, the main buttons on top are a bit uncomfortable for less experienced websurfers. When moving the mouse on top of one of them, the subsection links appear horizontally under the respective button, this means that you don't have to click on a main button to be able to select subsections of the respective main section. This can confuse elderly people especially, who might get surprised when hovering the mouse pointer above the respective buttons to select them. Less experienced users find these hover effect annoying. Most large sites that attract many visitors from all categories usually have interfaces that are easier to use.

    The multiple travel services available on Virgin Blue's site make this company more than just a low cost airline. What's even better than just booking travel deals at cheap prices is the fact that booking can be modified.

    Overall, the site of Virgin Blue is a "must see site" for all travelers who are planning to fly to the South Pacific region or Australia. Australia is a large country and the available low cost airline services which can take you to thousands of kilometers for very low prices come in handy. This airline can be one of the best solutions for you if you're planning to travel between Tonga, Vanuatu, New Zealand, the Cook Islands, Fiji and Australia.          


Company information

 Company name:

 Virgin Blue

 Company category:


 Airline code:



 Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

 Services offered:

 Plane tickets, hotels, car rentals, travel insurance, vacation packages...

 Destination regions:

 Australia, South Pacific region


 Website in languages:



Review information

 Website score:

 (8 stars/10)

 Review date:

 October 27, 2005 


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